2016 Annual Report


2016 Jenkintown Music Theatre Annual Report

Jenkintown Music Theatre, Inc. is a not-for-profit (501c3) corporation established in January, 2014. The purpose of the corporation is to support the Arts in Jenkintown and in particular to support the programs and objectives of the Arts Departments of the Jenkintown School District. The corporation accomplishes this by producing at least one musical theatre production within the territory of Jenkintown each year and, where possible, engaging in arts related fund raising events.

The 2016 production season saw some positive development for Jenkintown Music Theatre.  JMT celebrated its 71st season with the production of ‘Urinetown” and welcomed our new Director, Deb Schrager.  JMT, Inc. will continue its support for the arts programs at Jenkintown High School. Highlights are listed below:

  • May 7, 2016 - Arts in the Wings Band Fundraiser at the Abington Club. Under the auspices of our “Arts in the Wings” booster club name, Heather Willever-Farr organized the “Four Decades of Rock and Roll 1950’s-1980’s” fundraiser at the Abington Club.  This was a successful event involving raffle prizes donated by local merchants and theatre groups.  We raised an estimated $1,200 for the Jenkintown High School Arts departments, and the funds were disbursed to the school’s activity funds for immediate use by Ms. Davidson (Drama/Chorus), Mr. Eyrich (Music), and Mr. Slowik (Art).  There were many volunteers who made this event a success: Jenn Adams, Mayor Ed Foley, Bob MacFarland, Heather-Willever Farr, Steve Farr, Carolyn Riley, and Lisa Willie.  

  • June 26, 2016 - Celebration of Dolly Kuykendall to benefit the newly named, Jenkintown Music Theatre / Frank and Dolly Kuykendall Award Fund.  This event, organized by Jennifer Berger, Carrie Alderfer, Kevin Gallagher, Cindy Paul and Bob MacFarland, was JMT’s first experience with GoFundMe.  The celebration of Dolly Kuykendall’s 50+ years of volunteer service as one of JMT’s directors was a wonderful event featuring performances from many of JMT’s perennial, performing, volunteers. The GoFundMe campaign raised $5,350, which will continue to fund future generations of Jenkintown High School students who have shown dedication to the performing arts programs of the Jenkiintown High School.

  • Urinetown - what can we say? The title was a bit of a marketing concern at first, but the more familiar we all became with Urinetown, the more it grew on you.  Urinetown is timely, funny, and had great music and character parts for our talented pool of performers.  Close to 1,200 patrons from the region came to see Urinetown, thanks to ticket sales driven by our talented cast and marketing team.  The show was a success in many ways under the direction of Deb Schrager, and an effective team of production staff.  Many thanks to Deb, Cindy Paul, Harvey and Ilene Perelman, Emily Erb, Konnie Stark, Bill Pross, John Rudolf, Sandy Orwig, Sue Roberts, Andrea Foulkes, Sally Cojucarou,Heather Farr, Jenn Adams, Gail Zanine, Bob MacFarland, Anne Van Meter, and Steve Montgomery for helping to make this show a success. We were able to meet our fundraising goal of $4,500 for the Jenkintown School’s Arts Programs, and the first budgeted disbursement will be sent at the beginning of the school year.

  • Jenkintown Music Theatre’s 72nd production, launching on March 31, 2017, will be Titanic.  Deb Schrager, Director, and Music Directors Emily Erb and Konnie Stark, are very excited to bring this musical about the ill-fated ship to life next spring.  The musical score is truly remarkable, and it features a large cast and chorus which is ideal for our JMT volunteers.  Auditions will be held on Sunday, November 20th and Monday, November 21st.  Details to follow.

  • JMT welcomes some new members to our governing board this September.  Returning members for this year are Jenn Adams, Heather Willever-Farr, Dolly Kuykendall, John Rudolf and Anne VanMeter.  After carefully considering quite a few nominations, we are happy to add Jennifer Berger, Kathy Mosher, Kate Pettit, Nancy Woehrle, and Melissa Tierney to the board.  We are looking forward to having fresh input and ideas to further our fundraising mission.

    Thank you to everyone who made the 2015-16 production and fundraising season such a success
    -Carolyn Riley, JMT President